It’s been a while 

Hi mom, it’s me Louise. It’s been 2.5 months now and I still cry everyday. I just wish I could talk to you one more time. Hold your hand one more time. It’s so hard without you. 

Some mornings,  I open my eyes and I just don’t want to go on.  

I’m having trouble remembering simple things here and there and it’s scaring me mom I wonder is this how you felt ?  I’ll never know because you didn’t confide in me. I can see why. I am not telling anyone either. If I end up with LBD like you did, I’ll definitely end my life.  I don’t want to put my family through that.  

I need you mom. You weren’t supposed to leave yet. 

Never forget yesterday 

But always live for today

You never know what tomorrow brings

Or what it can take away 

 Mom went home -03-10-2017 –
Miss you more than words can say. 


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