A brighter note ….

Went to a job interview yesterday and things went well !πŸ‘πŸ½.  It’s only part time but it’s something!

I am going in today to meet the rest of the drs (clinic)

Check back later 😁

I’ll make you proud mom. 


7 thoughts on “A brighter note ….

    1. I hope so. She taught me how to crochet although I don’t remember it. Isn’t that weird ? It bugs me. I can remember her teaching me how to crochet slippers when I was around 11 and I always loved it. When she stayed losing her memory she would watch me crochet and tell me how talented I was (I’m really not lol) but she always made me feel like I was.

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      1. I’m sure you are very talented! I don’t remember my mom actually teaching me to crochet either -it’s like just something I’ve always done. πŸ™‚


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