Still wandering 

I still can’t believe she’s gone, just gone. I see her everywhere.  Her favorite rock out front that she would sit on and talk to zoey her teacup chihuahua. My swing on the deck where she would have a snooze in the summer.  Her bedroom that I walk but a hundred times a day. 

I’m still jobless but hopeful about an interview later today. Fingers and toes crossed. 

Oh I redid my life ins benificiaries (sp?). I don’t want anyone to feel like I did being accidentally left out.  Next step, make a living will.  I definitely do not want my son to go through what I did if but done cruel twist of fate I end up with dementia also.  

DNR me please. Just let me go.  🦋
Also, I will be participating in a walk from memories in honour of my mom in April I will try to figure out how to attach the link for those that wish to sponsee me. 


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